Launchpad Dive Team Package


  • The Launchpad Diving Team Package includes:
  • 1 x Launchpad Diving Board with Standard Grip Tape
  • 1 x 3M Foam Pad
  • 1 x Launchpad Diving Board Cover
  • 1 x Launchpad Hardware Storage Bag

  • Quantity:


Elevate your diving experience with the comprehensive Launchpad Dive Team Package, a complete package designed for diving enthusiasts. This package includes everything you need for a premium diving setup, ensuring both convenience and protection. The Launchpad Dive Team Package combines the top-quality Launchpad Diving Board with Standard Grip Tape, a 3M Foam Pad, a Launchpad Diving Board Cover, and a Launchpad Hardware Storage Bag. Whether you’re setting up at the dock or heading out on the boat, this all-in-one kit provides everything you need to maximize your diving adventures.

Launchpad Dive Team Package Components

  • Launchpad Diving Board with Standard Grip Tape: Ensure safe and thrilling dives with this high-quality diving board.
  • 3M Foam Pad: Enhance your diving comfort and reduce impact with this durable foam pad.
  • Launchpad Diving Board Cover: Protect your diving board from the elements with this weather-resistant cover.
  • Launchpad Hardware Storage Bag: Keep all your essential hardware organized and secure with this compact storage bag.

Launchpad Dive Team Package Key Features

  • Complete Diving Solution: All essential components bundled together for a seamless and enjoyable diving experience.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each item is crafted from durable, premium materials to ensure longevity and performance.
  • Convenient and Organized: The package provides everything you need, making it easy to store, transport, and maintain your diving equipment.


Engineered to be
  • Bigger!
  • Badder!
  • Bouncier!

Manufactured with industry leading 2-inch T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Hardware making it the strongest and safest diving board in the industry.

Grab Handle for extra stability when on the board.

Launch Pad Diving Board Engineering Graphic

Dual Spring System

The patent pending dual spring system gives you incredible bounce that literally launches you off the board. This adds to the fun and makes doing big tricks off the diving board easy!

Board Easily Folds Down

The Launch Pad Diving Board lowers with the simple pull of two pins. No Tools needed! This is great for when you are docking the boat, traveling or when the diving board not in use.

Diving Board Easily Drops Down

Quickly Breaks Down

The Launch Pad Diving Board breaks down for storage in minutes with only the use of the supplied allen key.

Diving Board Break Down

Works great on Boats or
Deep Water Docks

The Launch Pad Diving Board can be easily transferred from you boat to your dock with the use of no tools! Many customers buy an extra set of mounting plates to go onto the dock to make this possible.

Launch Pad Diving Board can be mounted on Docks and Boats
  • From the Inventor of Monster Tower Wakeboard Towers and Fishmaster T-tops. (Over 65,000 units sold!)
  • Free Shipping to lower 48 states.

Diving Board Dimensions

Diving Board Dimensions Image

Print – Diving Board Dimensions

Mounting Plate Dimensions

Mounting Plate Dimensions

Print – Mounting Plate Dimensions

Owners Manual

Download the Launch Pad Diving Board Owner’s Manual to learn how to install your diving board.

Download – Launch Pad Diving Board Owner’s Manual

Installation Video

Why Everybody Loves Their Launch Pad Diving Board

Patent Pending

Our patent pending design
uses only high-quality parts.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Easy to Assemble

Assembles in minutes.
No tools necessary.

The Launch Pad Diving Board is Easy to Assemble

Built Strong

Just like our previous companies
Monster Tower
(Over 50,000 Wakeboard Towers Sold)
(Over 15,000 T-Tops Sold)

The Diving Board is Built with
T6061 Aircraft Aluminum.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders
to the lower 48 states

H20 Marine Products Ship Free for inner 48 states

Works on Boats or Docks

The diving board can be used on your boat and in minutes moved to your dock.

The Launch Pad Diving Board Works on Boats and Docks

Satisfaction Guarantee

NO RISK – 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied

Satisfaction Guarantee

What People Say About LaunchPad Diving Boards

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Standard Grip Tape

Included Products

Launchpad diving board with standard grip tape, 3M Foam Pad, Launchpad Diving Board Cover, Launchpad Hardware Storage Bag